To the Editor:

It is with great sadness that I heard about the recent resignation of Dr. Mary Dudzik. As a former colleague and patient of Dudzik’s, I can attest to what an excellent physician and co-worker she was. She not only stood up for her patients, but was someone you could count on to support the nursing staff.

I resigned from MDI Hospital in the summer of 2013 after working there for 34 years as a registered nurse. The environment in which I was working under a new supervisor became so uncomfortable that I could no longer continue there. I brought my concerns repeatedly to human resources and the administration. Their answer to my concerns was to hire a “coach” for my male supervisor.

I felt so strongly about my situation that I filed a complaint with the Maine Human Rights Commission. The administration turned things around and made it look like I was the “problem” in spite of glowing evaluations and letters from patients and co-workers to the contrary. There had been multiple complaints about that supervisor, who is still working there.

I agree with Dudzik that the staff at the hospital give exceptional care, and that is the reason patients go there. The time has long passed for something to change at MDI Hospital, or they will continue to lose talented and respected health care professionals.

Mary is so right, “Time’s up.” It should have been long ago. Thank you to her for all she has done for her patients, the community and her co-workers over the past 25 years. She will be missed.

Kathleen M. Feid


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