Menacing clouds

To the Editor:

I have owned both a rifle and a shotgun, which I have used on numerous hunting trips during my life. Learning to use them safely and gaining respect for and knowledge of firearms safety have been critical. Over the past several years, it has become evident that we need to regulate the use of assault weapons.

A bill should be drafted to regulate the ownership of firearms. The purchase and ownership of any type of military-style assault weapon would become illegal.

The purchase of any type of firearm, whether it be at a store, gun show or private purchase, would require an FBI background check. A mandatory government buyback program for all military assault weapons from private ownership and stores should be implemented.

Make available to all police departments in the USA an updated watch list of terrorist and persons who would do harm to others.

The true fabric of our democracy is threatened because of the violence brought about by those who own and use military assault weapons of war to kill innocent American citizens.

Each American citizen should have the freedom to move about in our beloved country without the threat of being gunned down by an individual or group bearing military assault firearms.

The time has come to stop the violence caused by the misuse of military-style assault weapons, which is casting a dark, menacing cloud over our treasured free and open society.

Bob Chaplin

Bar Harbor

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