Meet the mayor

To the Editor:

When one of my longtime friends, Edna Jellison from Seawall, passed away awhile back, she left a certain vacancy in Seawall that most people don’t even consider. Edna, at 99 years of age, was the oldest original resident of Seawall. She was born in Seawall and lived there until she died. She occupied a somewhat unusual position, kind of like a mayor, although she might not have thought of it in this way.

Well, with her passing, this leaves an opening for someone else to fill this vacuum. I was kidding with some folks in the hardware store a while back when I told them that I was now the mayor of Seawall, because I am now the oldest original resident, born in Seawall, still living in Seawall at age 92. When I told my brother Dave about this, he proceeded to get me a T-shirt that proclaimed this event to be true!

In view of the fact that I never ran for election, I’d have to agree that it’s terribly brazen of me to go around telling folks that I’m the mayor, when they have no idea who I am.

So unless someone else has more reason that I to be the mayor of Seawall – I’m it.

Peter T. Benson III


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