MDOT successes

For many years, people on Mount Desert Island groused about the conditions of its state roads. Many correctly pointed out that the state benefits significantly with sales tax revenue from our more than 3 million annual visitors. Recognizing the area’s contributions, the state should make sure an adequate transportation infrastructure remains in place.

Over the past few years, the Maine Department of Transportation (MDOT) has done just that. Along with the current Route 3 project in Bar Harbor, other sections of that road have been rebuilt on MDI and in Trenton. Traffic lights have been installed, bridges replaced, the intersection in Somesville has been reworked, and major stretches of Routes 233, 102 and 198 have been repaved.

The MDOT also is a major player in helping Bar Harbor preserve and develop the former ferry terminal property on Eden Street.

And it continues to provide foundational support for the Island Explorer shuttle bus network.

With all this in mind, more work still is needed. Many sections of state highway in the town of Tremont are in poor shape. Some rebuilding and bridge work has been scheduled, but much more needs to be done. Traffic volumes, and the amount of commercial traffic associated with the fishing industry, certainly justify continued investment.

Thank you, MDOT, for your steadfast commitment to improving the island’s vital transportation infrastructure. We look forward to continued progress in the years ahead.

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