Massucco is missed

To the Editor:

In the early 1980s when The Bar Harbor Times still had a flourishing print shop, run mainly by men, and a newspaper run mainly by women, as general manager, I often found myself cowering somewhere under a paste-up table in the DMZ zone in the middle. Old timers like Al Kimball probably had been working there since before I was born and looked down benignly on the weekly mayhem that seemed to define producing a weekly paper.

Among the women working on the newspaper at that time was a cheerful, curly-haired woman, Mimi Massucco. Her calm demeanor and upbeat attitude never failed to restore my confidence that things would work out. She somehow seemed to keep the big picture in mind.

During our first personnel crisis, she took me aside and said: “There will be lots of a hubbub around here for about two weeks, and then everyone will forget about it.” She was right about the incident, but I will never forget her wise and comforting words. I was very sad to hear about her recent passing.

Bill Patten

Mount Desert

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