Low water

To the Editor:

I have lived up the road from Hamilton Pond for more then 20 years. The water has gone down, and I am afraid if something isn’t done to stop the water from receding, we will lose a very nice natural resource. We may have already lost the fish and many turtles, as well as other animals that inhabit the area. That would be a shame.

Residents and tourists alike fish the pond or go down to sit on the shore and watch the sunset over the pond. I’ve walked my kids and now my grandson to the pond to see the natural beauty.

I think it would be a terrible shame to lose this, and I hope the MDI Biological Laboratory would see that and try to resurrect the dam before we lose it all. Once it’s gone, it may not come back, but certainly the animals will go to other places.

Robert Gaynor

Bar Harbor

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