Lost vistas

To the Editor:

Driving into Bar Harbor the other day, I remembered the days when approaching the bluffs curve, one could experience a wonderful view of Bar Island and other Porcupine Islands.

Driving about a half mile farther, we would glance to the right and capture a glimpse of the massive Duck Brook bridge in Acadia National Park with its iconic three arches and beautiful stone facade.

But now both are becoming a memory as the unchecked growth of trees and scrub brush has blocked all but a minuscule view of what were once welcoming signs of Bar Harbor.

I’d like to suggest that we lay down a challenge to someone in the community with extra energy to put together a fundraising team to get the money to eliminate the trees and bush growth so we all can enjoy what was once a beauty to behold.

If there’s enough left over, maybe we could even light the bridge.

Ken Hormell

Bar Harbor

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