Looming ships

To the Editor:

I’ve been visiting Bar Harbor every summer for decades, since first discovering it as a National Science Foundation summer student fellow at The Jackson Lab when I was in college.

My husband and I return every year to spend a few weeks in a bed and breakfast, bike and kayak—enjoying the splendor of the island and dining sequentially in virtually every restaurant in town.

To our dismay, in recent years, our enjoyment has been significantly diminished by the looming presence of enormous cruise ships that dominate the view of the harbor and from the Shore Path. As well, the hordes of passengers choking the path, at times picnicking with food they bring off the boat, and the buses that obstruct streets and make biking hazardous have been difficult to accept.

The burgeoning knickknack stores, driving out more creative, unique places, also are disheartening.

I cringe to think of even more mammoth ships and more buses. The thought of losing our yearly haven saddens me, but if this trend continues, we will need to look elsewhere and stop sending our friends and colleagues here.

Deborah N. Plachta

Mamaroneck, N.Y.

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