Looking inward

To the Editor:

The most influential leader of the free world is promoting fake news, false stories, and I will say it — outright lies. We have a party speaking out against abortion of any form, but supporting candidates with numerous credible sex offenses, some even against minors. The more conservative wing of the party disputes science, promotes unhealthy environmental policy, but still calls themselves conservative.

The same bunch now touts tax policy that most reasonable experts claim will add tremendously to our fiscal deficit. How can some of us keep this the party of our choice, when it fails to stand for basic principles?

Do what is right. Integrity was once fundamental in selecting our leaders. We could have faith that they would have the wisdom to use facts, solid judgment and intelligence in governing. Compassion and consideration for our citizenry, for everyone, was normal behavior. Leaders who represent us should be setting the standard and leading by example.

We are a country of immigrants, founded on basic principles and freedoms that were attained through overcoming but respecting our differences. Christian values, true religious teachings from any denomination or just our own humanity should make us cognizant of what is right and wrong. The world around us would be made a whole lot more desirable if we looked inside ourselves. Remember the teachings of the basic values of respect, dignity, honesty and humility.

Christmas is nearly upon us, so maybe we need to emphasize the spiritual and nonmaterial values that can make us better people and make this world a better place. It means we all should be accountable for our actions, our words, for our deeds.

We are all important to someone or something. It is especially true of our leaders and people in places of influence. We expect better; we deserve better. But that means we also need to expect more from ourselves. Pledge to make your first gift this season one of being a better person. We all can be, and it will make this world a better place!

Alan Chubba Kane



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