Life as it was

To the Editor:

The heartfelt letter from Bob Chaplin in the Jan. 18 edition of the Islander prompts me to add my own concerns and unanswered questions.

Mount Desert Island and the own of Bar Harbor have been known and loved for preserving and sharing an ambiance of New England island village life — life lived at a quieter, slower, more thoughtful pace.

It is the very ambiance of what is perceived to be “life as it was” that brings visitors and keeps residents so thankful to be here. This has always seemed to be an island of people who, in general, keep the human impact on and development of the land thoughtfully in mind.

Building wider roads, allowing an excess of cruise ships, approving large corporate-owned hotels and restaurants, built to accommodate ever more short-term visitors, is changing the very ambiance of the charm of Bar Harbor to that of an over-crowded, impermanent “stage set.”

The experience of this island and Acadia National Park will be lost without very careful and heartfelt thought of the all-important scale and priceless value of the natural environment.

At what price do we trade the values we hold as important in exchange for the rush for making more money and becoming one more town irreversibly lost to “the same-ing of America?”

Mary Gloger

Bar Harbor

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