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To the Editor:

Thank you for welcoming a wide range of opinions in the Islander’s letters section. In this way many, who would not otherwise meet, can share their thoughts.

I would like to reply to Bruce Hightshoe’s letter in last week’s paper representing the Trump administration’s separation of families at our Southern border as “enforcing existing law” and blaming Democrats for the stalemate on immigration policy. While it may be convenient to deflect blame in this way, for a policy which has defamed America and for the Republican majority’s legislative failures, it is less than truthful.

As has been detailed elsewhere, no American law obligates enforcement agencies to separate families at the border. Locking up infants and toddlers was President Trump’s own interpretation. And while President Obama was criticized for his harsh immigration policy, President Trump has brought us to a new low.

The Trump administration publicly stated that taking children from their parents—of breaking a bond held primary by science and sacred by religion—was intended to instill more fear in immigrants than the poverty and bloodshed they are fleeing. The predictably horrific results inspired disgust around the world and inspired Americans across the political spectrum to join their voices in protest.

President Trump so definitively rejected bipartisan Congressional efforts on immigration—including Republican support for dreamers and Democratic support for the wall—that Republican leaders have refused to bring new attempts to vote. We all could work together for much-needed immigration reform.

And for the record, MDI Indivisible banned political speakers from their protest rally in favor of religious, social and legal experts who could speak to the policy and its effects.

At the rally, an organizer proclaimed that protesting the abuses of our immigration policy transcends politics. But I would suggest that corrupt politics brought us to this cruel place and it is up to us to translate our heartfelt moral outrage and righteous indignation into smart political tactics for the greater good. We could do this. Together.

Annlinn Kruger

Bar Harbor

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