Witch hunt

To the Editor:

I read in the Islander that town of Mount Desert selectmen have signed a petition to boycott an oyster farm in Trenton because a few of its taxpayers have airplanes.

As a taxpayer in Mount Desert, I find it inexcusable for selectmen to form any opinion on the way another town should conduct its economic development plan.

I find it even more offensive that they would jump on this presumptive witch hunt against the oyster farm when the science and history of the area clearly indicate that the impact of a filter feeder, which incidentally utilizes and fits in to this ecosystem as flawlessly as nature can allow, would have any adverse effect.

Birds started getting some protection in the early 1900s. By the 1970s, we were able to remove many chemicals from their diet. Since then, and throughout my lifetime, predatory birds have made a beautiful comeback.

Any naturalist will tell you that more predatory birds indicate a healthier ecosystem that will fluctuate in a fairly stable equilibrium.

A couple pertinent ways this equilibrium could change is if an external energy source is brought into the ecosystem, which the farm will not do, or an exotic bird that dines on oysters is brought into the ecosystem. Oysters, as filter feeders, will have a negligible environmental impact and arguably a positive economic impact.

Let’s stay focused on our own town and lead by positive progressive examples.

Michael Olson

Mount Desert8

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