Window shopping

To the Editor:

This is the time of the year when shops are closing. Many owners are leaving town. We locals are left with empty stores and windows covered with green or blue tarps, or even with plywood.

The Bar Harbor Design Review Board appears to have no control over this despite local regulations. The shop owners could show their appreciation to the community by leaving displays in their windows.

There has been little evidence of vandalism or damage to the window displays that more considerate owners leave for the winter. If shop owners feel that they are not sufficiently talented to decorate for the winter, perhaps they might invite local artists or school children to decorate the windows for them.

I believe that some years ago, the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce awarded prizes for the best decorated window. What happened to that program? Why do some shop owners have so little respect for the quality of the environment that supports them?

Melita Brecher

Bar Harbor

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