What will die?

To the Editor:

Once upon a time in a land much like ours, lived people much like us, on an island called Most Desirable Island, and in a town called Beautiful Harbor. On the island was a very precious park for all to enjoy called Animal Nature Park. Visitors from far away came to this special area to relax and enjoy its natural beauty and wonderful wildlife.

Then one summer day, the town crier of Beautiful Harbor was pooped upon by a seagull. He was so angry he used his public speaking skills to convince the majority of townspeople that seagulls must be “managed.” By manage, the town crier meant kill the seagulls with bows and arrows by skilled hunters, but he never voiced the word “kill” because he knew it would be opposed by the animal and nature lovers of Beautiful Harbor.

So that winter, the slaughter of seagulls began until the clear waters of Beautiful Harbor turned red, its scenic shores were strewn with mounds of filth, and its pure air became putrid. Even worse, some arrows missed their mark and hit townspeople instead.

By that summer, few seagulls could be seen, along with even fewer visitors. Word had spread to far away that Beautiful Harbor was no longer beautiful, that Most Desirable Island was no longer desirable, that Animal Nature Park was no longer a wildlife sanctuary, and that people from away should stay away and visit other lands that truly live in harmony with nature.

The moral of my story is to Vote NO on Article 2 because it will kill more than our precious deer.

Pete Bono

Bar Harbor

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