What’s wrong with the country

To the Editor:

The Viewpoint piece by Mr. Bowden in the Dec. 12 Islander is a prime example of what is wrong with us.

He blasts the President with no proof of anything. Google “Trump and black awards.” You will see he has received many. And he is no a white supremacist. Go on Youtube and watch his interviews going back decades and get some insight to the man.

Three years at being blocked and attacked at every turn, and Trump still gets more done then Obama did in eight years.

Speaking of liars, where was Mr. Bowden when Obama and Clinton bold faced lied to the American people?

Talk about a party co-opting a news outlet, the Dems have taken over CNN, local and national news. If Mr. Bowden believes that the White House press corps is asking polite questions he has not been watching the news.

Mr. Bowden, there are no facts, just hearsay. I would suggest you spend more time getting you facts straight instead of repeating CNN talking points.

You may think of me as deplorable, dumb and uneducated; you don’t know me but you will call me names.

That’s what’s wrong with us.

Richard Montalbano


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