What is offensive?

To the Editor:

The Islander’s recent well-done article concerning the controversy over the Confederate battle flags on my apartment door has me wishing to add additional “true” facts. First, I was rude to the maintenance man, for which I have apologized.

Secondly, Housing Authority Director Terry Kelley was left a voicemail by me to have someone in authority come to my home regarding the issue of removal of my door items. Third, in the article, Kelley mischaracterized his demeanor as calm upon arriving at my home. I have proof. The entire conversation was recorded by myself.

I am not the only Housing Authority tenant that feels he is heavy-handed.

The items on my door had been there for two weeks. Kelley stated to me that another tenant had found the flags offensive, as did he. Kelley proceeded to berate me in front of his own employee.

It is my belief that the Housing Authority has a personal vendetta against me and is trying to force me into a physical confrontation. Kelley is upset that I had contacted several agencies regarding non-compliance safety issues at my apartment complex, as well as about other issues that were neglected and later they were forced to address.

As far as the Confederate flags being found offensive, I feel there is probably someone out there that would take issue if I put pictures of kittens on my door. Who authorized and took down the three religious pictures I had put up to replace the flags?

The article did not mention that I was also ordered to remove everything from the door. A larger American flag was above the tiny Confederate flags!

You know what I find offensive? The color of some automobiles. Should I take steps to have them banned from the highway?

Gordon Schoen

Northeast Harbor

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