Welcome to Coney Island

To the Editor:

Let’s not turn Mount Desert Island into Coney Island.

It is with great concern I write regarding a proposed food truck ordinance that is on the warrant for the May 5 Town of Mount Desert annual Town Meeting. It will be held at the elementary school in Northeast Harbor beginning at 6 p.m.

There are six proposed sites at three locations that will further impact parking, traffic flows and access to municipal facilities. They are Northeast Harbor Marina (3 slots), Seal Harbor Beach and dock (1 slot each) and Bartlett Landing with one site.

Passing of this ordinance will only further detract from the village business centers and could result in more closures of year-round businesses. That will be done for the benefit of six seasonal mobile vendors that will pay a nominal fee for the use of municipal land.

Please get out and vote “no” on Articles 8 and 9. Don’t allow our village shore fronts to become vendor havens. We need to preserve the uninterrupted beauty of three of our shore-land districts.

Thank you for your time.

Kathy Branch

Seal Harbor

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