Welcome invaders

To the Editor:

I was struck by the headline of a “Ten Years After” item on page two of the June 11, Islander Extra! announcing “Foreign Invaders.”

It reported that Acadia National Park officials were putting on hold their plan to eradicate lupines along the Park Loop Road to study the “ecological impact of the nonnative plant.”

When I mentioned to a real estate agent about my wish to rescue a lupine plant having been upended along with weeds on a nearby property for sale, he said, “You know that lupines are a nonnative invasive species.”

“Yes,” I answered. “But I want them to invade my property.”

I am baffled by the pervasive movement to do away with nonnative species. It causes me to wonder about the implications of this principle applied to the human population. What should be done about us, a nonnative, invasive species of Europeans on former Native American lands?

Since it has been 10 years since the National Park officials were undertaking the ecological impact study, I am curious about the results and the actions that the study might have prompted or perhaps quelled.

Temple Fourment

Southwest Harbor

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