To the Editor:

During the past several months, the candidates for governor have presented to us, the voters, their ideas about how they would lead the great State of Maine over the next four years. The one candidate who stands out over the others is Elliott Cutler.

Elliott is a statesman, a visionary, an excellent listener and a man of integrity. He can be counted on to make important decisions in the best interests of all Mainers. When conducting the business of the state, he is a person who would work well with the legislature, government agencies, local governing bodies, businesses large and small, research institutions and Maine citizens because he thoroughly understands the needs of Mainers.

Elliott would be a proactive leader for what is in the best interest for Mainers in education, research and development, growing the Maine economy, protecting the Maine environment, energy conservation, and healthcare and welfare issues. On Nov. 4, vote for a new Maine governor, Elliott Cutler.

Bob Chaplin

Bar Harbor

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