‘Trouble’ brewing

To the Editor:

What could be better than seeing a community come together to celebrate reading?

On Friday, Oct. 2, 107 eighth graders from six MDIRSS schools descended on Camp Beech Cliff to discuss Gary Schmidt’s book “Trouble.” Island Readers and Writers teamed up with the Mount Desert Regional School System and its wonderful English Language Arts (ELA) educators to host Newbery Honor author Schmidt.

Students had the opportunity to discuss “Trouble” with peers, interact with the author, learn from each other and community members, form friendships before going to high school and create bonds over a good book and a love of reading.

Eighteen community facilitators from Mount Desert Island each worked with six students throughout the morning by leading discussion groups and activities, and sharing their love of “Trouble” with the eighth graders.

Many thanks to Ephron Catlin, Amanda Crafts, Jean and David Evans, Michelle Finn, Billy Helprin, Alison Johnson, Jennifer Judd-McGee, Deb Messer, Helen Koch, Scott McFarland, Rufus Nicoll, Melinda Rice, Tina Rosenberg, Maria Simpson, Hannah Whalen and Mark Woida.

The district’s ELA teachers also stepped up to the challenge of preparing their students for the big day. They worked with “Trouble” in class for weeks and created numerous activities and lessons focusing on different aspects of the book, from scene to character to historical background.

We are grateful to our local community for its support and know that its efforts enriched the program for everyone involved.

Jenna Beaulieu

Island Readers and Writers

Southwest Harbor

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