Trashes plan for bag fee

To the Editor:

Disguise it by naming it what you wish. Call it whatever. But the bottom line on the proposed pay-to-throw trash disposal plan in Bar Harbor is the same. It is a tax, another tax.

This proposal seems to lack any degree of concrete facts, but does require a large degree of supposition. The proposal shows the tonnage decreasing by 44 percent. The estimated diversion of approximately 2,600 tons of trash annually in a town the size of Bar Harbor seems to be at best unrealistic.

Are these numbers being thrown about accurate, reliable and based on other towns with seasonal populations and a small number of year round residents in Maine?

The initial cost being suggested is $1-2 per bag. In the years to come, who really believes this cost will be maintained? The year round residents of Bar Harbor will be the people paying for this in projected general fund cost savings.

I do not understand the need to rush and pass this proposal without any public hearings, without awaiting the input of the regional Municipal Resource Committee and without stated requirements for the town’s continued participation in that effort.

It is all quite nebulous!

Donald Bell

Bar Harbor

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