Trashes bag fee

To the Editor:

I read in last week’s Islander about the proposal to begin charging for using the town’s solid transfer station facilities. I have to say that I was appalled by this recommendation by town councilors.

While I understand the need to encourage and push for more recycling by our citizens, I can’t believe we are going to be asked to pay for yet another service that other towns offer their citizens for free.

The town of Mount Desert picks up trash at every resident’s home, sometimes twice a week! And now we’re being told we have to pay to dispose of our trash, which, by the way, we already have to drive to drop off at the transfer station.

They expect us to pay $1 or $2 for each trash bag we use. C’mon! This is ridiculous. Our property taxes are high enough. People like me don’t even get town water or sewerage or even snow plowing on my road.

I would urge town councilors to reconsider this new “tax” that affects every single person, from every economic strata. I say find another way to save the money and educate the public about recycling. Maybe the councilors should talk to their counterparts in the town of Mount Desert about their recycling/disposal program for residents there.


Rebecca Richardson

Bar Harbor



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