To the Editor: Your food pantry is here for you

To the Editor: 

The Bar Harbor Food Pantry’s mission is to nourish and support our Hancock County community through dignified access to healthy food. Some years, this is easier than others. 

On Aug. 25, I looked at our records and saw that the Bar Harbor Food Pantry had served 560 households and had 2,202 visits since the beginning of the year. Why are those numbers significant? 

2020 was the busiest year ever for the pantry for apparent reasons. So many people were laid off and furloughed, and the tourist season was canceled. The pantry responded quickly and was operating at full speed all year long. That entire year, we served 557 households and had 2,192 visits. 

We have now surpassed those record-breaking numbers, and the year is only two-thirds done. 

The increase in use, combined with product shortages, supply chain issues and higher food costs, has forced us to change how we serve our customers – how much we can offer, the diversity of products, etc. Food banks and pantries all over the state and the country are facing the same issue of more demand and fewer donations. It has been trying on all of us, but I just wanted to let our community know that your pantry will continue to be here for you. 

You can help by checking online for calls for food or other supplies. On top of that, donations of any unopened, in-date product are always accepted at our drop box by the door of the Bar Harbor Hannaford, in the foyer of the YWCA and at the pantry during open hours. Monetary donations are always a blessing and can easily be made online at 

For more information about how the Bar Harbor Food Pantry operates, visit and check out our blog in the About Us section. 

Thank you for all that you do to help us combat food insecurity in our community. 

Tom Reeve  

Executive Director 

Bar Harbor Food Pantry 


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