To the Editor: Words matter 

To the Editor: 

I read with interest Dick Atlee’s viewport concerning COVID-19 vaccinations risks and benefits. I agree that it is important for all of us to research and review all information available before making this decision, but I take issue with his use of the word coercive in describing the process by which those of us who have made a different decision regarding this vaccine. 

The use of this word implies that we have not explored the same sources that he has, have not fully understood the information or have been somehow coerced by forces that he has been able to resist and therefore unable to make an equally informed and independent decision. This refusal to respect the decisions and opinions that differ from our own is the very attitude that has contributed to the extremely polarized state of our country today. I hope that future columns on this editorial page will reflect this respect. 

Roberta Sprague 

Mount Desert 

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