To the Editor: Wonderful community 

To the Editor: 

We had our Senior Prom on May 14, and we members of the prom committee, Elena Alderman, Bella Brown, Emily Carter, Natalie Rechholtz, Claire Sanner and Sadie Sullivan, would like to thank all the local businesses and individuals that helped make it a wonderful and memorable event. 

Sincere thanks to the folks at OPL and the Bar Harbor Club for a discount on the venue rental fee that allowed us to host our event there. The location is integral to the beauty and success of this special event, and we are so grateful for this gorgeous spot and the help of everyone at the club, most especially Deb Jordan and José Almay. 

Big thanks to McKay’s Public House for donating all of the beverages for our event; we drank every last one of them! Thanks to Wallace Events for the discount on our furniture rental. Thank you to Queen Anne’s Flowers in Bar Harbor for donated rose arrangements that spruced up our Candy Bar, and for discounted flowers that we used to make dozens of tiny bouquets. Thank you, too, to Floret in Somesville for the discount on the stunning arrangement that served as a focal point for the room. Thank you to Hannaford for a gift card and to Bee’s Candy for candy and containers that helped make our Candy Bar look festive. Thanks to the Neighborhood House for allowing us to borrow many, many little white lights. Thank you to Colonel’s in Northeast Harbor and Spruce & Gussy for their support. 

Finally, thank you to all of the individuals who helped us plan the event, and also with decoration and cleanup. At the high school: Mr. Dow, for scheduling the club and offering planning support; Wendy Littlefield, Jenny Rogers, Lisa Richardson, and Mary Corrow for all of your help with financial questions, ticket sales, and student communications; Mr. Haney and Mr. Braun for general guidance and for spending the evening with us; Ms. Cohen, Ms. Poland, Ms. Richards, and Ms. McLoughlin for chaperoning; and Patti Savoie as Prom Advisor. Thanks also to Kate Meyer and Renee Laber for lots of valuable advice!  Many thanks to Victoria Hamblen for all her help with planning, decorating, and cleanup, and to the volunteer parent cleanup brigade of Rosalie Brown, Kristi Losquadro, David Coleman, Phil Lichtenstein, Angie Devecchio, Dani and Tim Ray, and Robert Rechholtz.  

We are so grateful to live in such a kind and generous community. 

2022 Prom Planning Committee 

on behalf of the MDIHS Class of 2022 


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