To the Editor: Why should you donate to a hospital? 

To the Editor:  

Why should you donate to hospitals? Well, children at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital are suffering from the unbearable disease: cancer. Families are struggling to pay the bills that they have had to pay forever now only to find out that there is still no cure for cancer. But with your donations, the hospital can research further and quicker to find the cure to cancer. 

Would you regret donating? Well, you are probably thinking that yes, you would regret it. But the data collected says otherwise. Only 2.1 percent reported regretting their donation, which means there are a lot more plus points to donating. 

Well, one of the reasons is that it improves your health! The more you donate, the less stress you feel! Not only does it make you feel happy, but also many other things. Generosity also helps your blood pressure plus wakes up the pleasure center in your brain, giving you a more joyful and happy life. Do you have a lot of headaches? Well, donating can fix those too! Insomnia is also cured by donating. (Insomnia is a sleeping disorder.) 

Donation helps you with your financial issues as well. Even though donating seems like losing money, it really can help you balance your money. “When you have enough money to donate to charity, it may help you feel wealthier,” reports Forbes. Because you feel like you have enough money to donate. Experts also say that you are more likely to stick to a budget and better manage your money. When you commit to regular charitable donations, the result will most likely be a greater financial wealth. Researchers found that 85 percent of the people who took our survey agreed that patients feel good when they donate to the hospitals where they received their medical care. 

The third reason is every dollar counts. Because your regular and enthusiastic contributions are contagious and can inspire the people around you to also make a difference. So, even if you only donate $5, the donations that other donors give, in addition to yours, can save the lives of many children. You might argue that your donations won’t be enough. Well, that is wrong. Your donations mixed with the donations of others will make a LOT of money. Also, people who donate on a daily basis donate a LOT of money. Also, you won’t be donating for no reason, you will get a candle* if you want one.  

In conclusion, these are three reasons why you should donate to children’s hospitals. Donating doesn’t just benefit the people you donate to; it can also benefit you. Donate now to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital! 


*Shreya has made homemade candles to help raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She has already raised and donated over $120. If you are interested in donating and receiving a candle, please contact her teacher, Meggie Curtis, at [email protected] 


Shreya Hosur 

Connors Emerson School 


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