To the Editor: Why don’t we? 

To the Editor: 

A for-profit corporation from New Harbor, Maine, has submitted an application to the Bar Harbor Planning Board to create a solar farm in a forest of Town Hill. It calls for a clear cut of 12.7 acres and impervious surface of 20,382 square feet (concrete pads and such) in the Northeast Creek watershed. 

The citizens of Bar Harbor overwhelmingly voted for a solar ordinance last fall, an ordinance that leaves us wide open to projects like this. I know there are those who believe the forests must be sacrificed for the solar and climate cause. I am not one of them. 

Forests are a nature-based solution to fighting climate change. We are losing forests to fire and development at an alarming rate around the globe. Conservation organizations are working hard to replace these trees despite drought caused by their absence and preserving the remaining forests. Bird species are declining worldwide and in Maine due to habitat destruction and warming waters. Maine is one of the most forested states and its forests define it and are the basis of its economy. 

I urge the citizens of this town to ask the Planning Board for a moratorium on all future solar farm projects until we have an ordinance with forest protection. I urge the Comprehensive Plan Committee to add solar development and forest protection to its list. I urge everyone who has a sunny roof to consider putting up solar panels. I urge the town of Bar Harbor to consider solar canopies above its parking lots.  

If a corporation in New Harbor can make money this way, why don’t we? 

Laureen Donnelly 

Town Hill 

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