To the Editor: What’s going on? 

To the Editor: 

The recent Tremont Select Board meeting of June 22 should come under review. At this meeting, the resignation of one Tremont Planning Board member was approved, and three individuals applied for the position.  

One individual, a well-known family member of a major MDI construction company, was nominated, heard and unanimously elected by the board. The other applicants were not heard.  

As an outside observer, it appeared that a decision had already been made prior to the meeting without giving all the candidates a fair chance to present their qualifications or reasons for wanting to serve. Additionally, no reason was presented for the reluctant resignation of the board member or how that came about. Furthermore, the elected nominee, because of the relationship to the construction company, has a major conflict of interest with several matters related to the Acadia Wilderness Campgrounds proposal (and others), which raises questions of recusal from discussion of these proposals.  

Because of the seriousness of this issue and its profound impact on the community, I recommend that the Town Council, as well as attorneys representing several factions of the quiet side community opposing the AWC, review the authenticity of this nomination.  

The hearing on June 22 can be seen and heard on YouTube.  

Please take the time to watch the discussion that took place at the Select Board meeting, which begins at 13:52. 


Ralph Shapiro 

Seal Cove 

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