To the Editor: What’s at stake 

To the Editor:

The Mount Desert Islander recently published an important letter from Professor Steve Weber, formerly a member of the philosophy department at the University of Maine. The letter is a thoughtful overview of the economic situation in our poor but magnificent state of Maine.  

Thank you, Professor Weber, for helping us understand what is at stake when we are offered “opportunities” to “improve” our fiscal situation.  

Perhaps Maine’s genuine opportunity is closer at hand than we know as a genuine port in a storm for individuals and families fleeing the dangers of density and disease. Perhaps it’s important to significantly improve connectivity throughout Maine so that our people could even more successfully work remotely from their socially distanced Maine sanctuaries.  

Please, Maine people, let’s not agree to eviscerate Maine, one of the final extensive and monumental vestiges of uncommon natural beauty in our nation.

Anne Marie Vickers Quin 

Bar Harbor 

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