To the Editor: Well water testing program 

To the Editor: 

The town of Bar Harbor recently completed its first well water testing program that provided free testing of private wells for property owners. Approximately half of residences in the town rely on private well water.  

Thirty-nine properties submitted samples with 18 percent of wells showing moderately or significantly high levels of arsenic. Other elevated levels of minerals were also noted in a small portion of wells. 

I’d like to thank everyone who participated as well as the cooperating organizations. The efforts of the Lynn Hanna’s Conners Emerson Science classes, Dr. Jane Disney and the staff at the MDI Biological Laboratory, Sarah Hall and the students at College of the Atlantic, Sergio Cahueque of Defend Our Health in Portland and the Bar Harbor Planning & Code Enforcement Department made this program possible.  

The town will offer an expanded well water testing program in 2022. 

Michael Gurtler 

Local Health Officer 

Bar Harbor 

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