To the Editor: We need to get ready 

To the Editor: 

Let’s get going on this Tremont campground project.  We need to work together to oppose and STOP this project because: 

  • We don’t want 150 camper trailers driving on our narrow roads near our homes. 
  • Erosion occurs when too many trees are removed and dirt roads are built. 
  • Yurts have been erected where the plan was for campsites and cabins. 
  • Too much garbage and sewer result wherever large groups of people congregate. 
  • There’s NO PLAN by developers to mitigate the issues noted, just a wild development scheme, which is already scarring the land. 
  • Public hearings have been scheduled (I attended one such meeting this week) but no one in attendance was allowed to speak.  Our representatives said, in effect, “we are not ready.”  

Well, citizens of Tremont and MDI, we need to get ready; we need to speak out however we can; we need to STOP this over-development of our beautiful island home. 


Ella Mahler  

West Tremont 

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