To the Editor: We are not alone 

To the Editor:

You have heard the term “long march,” right? Well, in the recent release of a report on UFOs, our government has continued its “long state” policy on this issue. Only under growing pressure did it confirm what many already believed: UFOs exist. They didn’t dare rule out aliens. 

Just prior to the report’s public release, Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida, a former astronaut, stated Congress will fund and task NASA with investigating these UFOs How many people know that at least six former astronauts have publicly stated they’ve seen UFOs in space? 

We need to keep pressure on our own government to find out and admit what these UFOs are and who’s maneuvering and controlling them. Perhaps, one day our government will find the courage and honesty to unequivocally say “They’re extraterrestrial spacecrafts” 

Bezos, Musk, you on this? 

Ron Werner 

Wallingford, Conn. 

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