To the Editor: We appreciate you 

To the Editor: 

We are co-organizers of Mount Desert Island High School’s upcoming trip to the British Isles, and we are busy raising funds for this exciting but expensive venture. We are writing to thank Pedego Bar Harbor, a local, family-owned West Street business that donated an Ebike valued at nearly $2,000 for our travelers to raffle. And raffle they did… our travelers collectively sold 1,886 tickets for a total of $9,430. These funds significantly help ticket-sellers’ families afford the opportunity to travel. 

We could not offer annual international travel experiences without the generosity of local businesses like Pedego Bar Harbor, the ongoing backing of Town Hill Market, the hard work of community-based organizations like Rotary and Harbor House that provide Fourth of July and Flamingo Fest celebrations, the steadfast support of AOS 91 School Board and MDIHS administration, and contributions from our amazing community. Thank you for all you do to broaden the horizons of our students. 

We appreciate you! 


Heather Dillon 

Beth Blugerman 

Bar Harbor 

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