To the Editor: Very low road 

To the Editor: 

Thank you for your coverage in your Aug. 12 edition of the Planning Board zoning dispute concerning the expansion of temporary worker housing at Acadia Apartments on West Street Extension.  

However, the Islander missed a major part of the story. When an Ocean Properties affiliate purchased the property in 2012, it engaged in a mass eviction of the low-income year-round residents of this federally subsidized 16-unit apartment complex. Parents, children and disabled tenants were speedily evicted by this huge hotel/resort company so that it could house its own temporary seasonal workers there. 

My family lives one street over from Acadia Apartments. We heard the stories of our former neighbors shuffling from temporary housing from town to town, trying to find any place at all to live. Children had to leave our excellent Bar Harbor schools because their parents could not find affordable housing. 

At that Aug. 4 Planning Board hearing, Ocean Properties’ lawyer claimed that his corporate client takes the high road. Sadly, Ocean Properties took a very low road nine years ago with its swift and massive eviction of 16 of our very own Bar Harbor families from their affordable housing project to create commercial housing for its temporary workers and increase its own bottom line.

Donna Karlson
Bar Harbor   

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