To the Editor: Very little is free 

To the Editor:

I would like to respond to Lydia Goetze’s editorial in your May 20 paper where she slams the Southwest Harbor Board of Selectmen and the Harbor Committee (actually just the male members on both boards) concerning the decisions on the Manset Hook property and Chris’s Pond grant requests.

I attended a few of the Harbor Committee meetings and I heard much opposition to the Manset /Hook property proposals mainly because of the “green space.” I do have some historical knowledge about this property.

The town leased this property from the early 1970s until finally purchasing it three years ago for the express purpose of harbor-related use. It was always the intention to add parking for the Manset dock and have a place for winter storage/maintenance of floats and ramps with “green space,” something that has been thrown in in the last year or so.

Acadia National Park owns about 51 percent of the land in Southwest Harbor and offer plenty of green space without interfering with the commercial operations at the Manset dock, and this is why the Harbor Committee opposed it. The Chris’s Pond and the Manset dock grants where being presented as “cost free” to the residents. These would probably come as matching grants and would certainly have more costs added to the property taxpayers in the future.

Remember — very little is “free.”

Merle Cousins
Southwest Harbor

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