To the Editor: Using my common sense 

To the Editor: 

What I know is what I read in the paper. I have not done any research. I have very few facts. I will try and use some common sense.  

Over the years, we know about the many people who are involved with their ideas: the public, the ocean line companies, the lawyers, the Town Council, the environmentalists, the hired consultants and the Bar Harbor businesses. It is all about a logical common-sense compromise. No one is right. No one is wrong. This conglomerate of people must make a compromised decision now before any more money and time is wasted on talk, talk, talk. 

The ships are good. The ships are bad. OK, at least somebody will agree on one of those statements. 

First, we cannot limit the number of people off a ship. A ship comes into town with 1,450 people. Everybody wants to come ashore. Our town says only 1,000 people are permitted to disembark. Ridiculous – it can never happen. I’m not a lawyer but that problem would probably go all the way to the Supreme Court and the Bill of Rights.  

Why don’t we all just agree to one large ship a day? A simple solution. Everybody can find some happiness with that from the environmentalists to the ocean liner companies. Some days that may amount to 900 people: other days, 2,000. No big crime, right? A reasonable compromise for all the ideas of the conglomerate, right? It’s all good and I am not even asking for a $10,000 consulting fee. (That is a joke.) 

Oh, I almost forgot the disembark location. Let’s keep the front of Agamont Park free of large buses and many tour vans. Spread things out to reduce overcrowding.  

Will the Town Council actually read this and make life all easier for us? 


Robert Chaiken 

Bar Harbor 




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