To the Editor: Urge support 

To the Editor: 

Readers may wish to contact their congressional delegation urging support of the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act put forward by Senator Tom Odall and Representative Alan Lowenthal. It would ban some single-use plastics, enforce increasing recycling of plastics, put the price and onus for cleanup on the plastics industry and put a temporary hold on production of new facilities for plastic production.  

Plastics production is emerging as the “Plan B” for the fossil fuel industry. Exxon Mobil in its annual report states that its contribution to fighting climate change is the production of plastics that are lightweight and use less energy to transport. Yet plastics, made from a byproduct of fracked natural gas and other petroleum products, result in carbon dioxide and methane in their production and the same or worse in their gradual breakdown or rapid incineration. The Center for Environmental Law estimates that if this trend continues, by 2030, carbon emissions from plastic production could reach 1.34 gigatons each year, the equivalent of 295 new 500-megawatt coal plants.  

Laureen Donnelly 

Town Hill 

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