To the Editor: Unconscionable 

To the Editor: 

A current major difficulty for me is that both major political parties have come to believe that only their own “remedies” for “managing” the United States will work. More and more that has led to an “it’s our way or the highway” attitude.  

Perhaps it is my own bias, but I see it less in the Democratic Party. Former President Obama tried very assiduously to work across the aisle and President Biden is also signaling his intent to do so.  

Unfortunately – again, my own opinion – the current Republican Party apparently believes that the absolute retention of power, no matter how that power is attained, is of more importance than the care, feeding and support of the American people – of all Americans regardless of creed, religious belief, race, ethnicity, gender, gender preference or economic status – and of more importance than the maintenance of this country, of its infrastructure and of American democracy.  

It is disturbing to me how many Americans seem to accept that belief. The retention of power simply to turn the United States into an autocracy that benefits only Corporate America and white, primarily wealthy, America is, for me, absolutely un-American. The fact that this is all also occurring during a colorblind, religiousblind, wealthblind, creedblind, genderblind pandemic that remains a worldwide threat is borderline unconscionable.  


Lewis Redding 

Bar Harbor 

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