To the Editor: Two Americas 

To the Editor: 

The Senate confirmation hearings of Judge Ketanji Jackson showed two Americas. One, with senators from both sides of the aisle, asked questions respectfully, designed to enlighten both the senators and the country about who Judge Jackson is.  

But some GOP senators represented another America. Their angry, disingenuous, disrespectful and repetitive questioning seemed designed to enflame their base and divide America. Nevertheless, Judge Jackson always presented herself the same way she judges – unbiased, with grace, intelligence and thoughtfulness. 

There was a beautiful speech from Sen. Cory Booker that reminded all of us how Judge Jackson represents the best in America, and the joy so many feel at the prospect of her elevation to the Supreme Court. 

A tale of two Americas – one angry and divisive, the other respectful and joyous. I know which America I want to live in.   


John Fehlauer 

Mount Desert  


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