To the Editor: Time to silence the Trump horn

To the Editor:

It is Memorial Day [at this writing], the start of Maine summer. It is cold and damp, not appropriate for this holiday. When I was a child, this would have been “unfair.”

Lack of fairness meteorologically is nothing compared to what is happening politically all over the country. I thought we would get rid of Trump on Jan. 20; he even admitted he would not be president. Mr. Biden had won, but he has kept pushing the absolutely ridiculous notion that he was cheated, that the election was stolen from him. There is no proof of his claim. It is bogus.

Is it really necessary to confront this lying narcissist? Is it even plausible that many of his followers are still supporting him, even when there is not a shred of evidence to support his Big Lie? Come on, it’s unfair to keep blowing this horn.

John C. Van Pelt, MD


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