To the Editor: This is not small-scale aquaculture 

To the Editor:  

Acadia Aqua Farms. The name sounds so nice and cozy, as it was meant to. In reality, it is Acadia Aqua Industrial Park attempting to grab 48 acres – the equivalent of 36 football fields – in the heart of Frenchman Bay, making that acreage unusable for others. Not only unusable but degrading the entire area for others who use and make their livelihood on the bay; impacting lobstermen, fishermen, the tourist kayak businesses, and the many tourist cabin businesses that rely on the beauty of Frenchman Bay. Who would want to come to be near a noisy, polluting monstrosity of 200 plastic pipes, each 500 feet long, spread over 48 acres?  

I am not against small-scale aquaculture, but this is aquaculture writ LARGE with a Sharpie! And note, this lease of 48 acres is for 20 years; it would be renewable and could be sold to anyone without a public hearing. 

In the past, those who made their living on the bay did so with respect for others who did the same. Not these folks. Think of lobster boats trying to navigate around these floating pipes, not to mention kayaks and sailboats. Say goodbye to sailing in one of the most well-used areas of the bay. 

It is tragic that a few people can so willfully ruin and despoil Frenchman Bay for so many. I hope the Department of Marine Resources will have the wisdom and courage to see the bigger picture, but their track record of approving 97 percent of all lease applications does not leave me feeling optimistic. This will not add a significant number of jobs – it will have an enormous negative impact. 


Judith Burger-Gossart 

Salsbury Cove 

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