To the Editor: There’s a bigger story here 

To the Editor: 

I have lived and had the use of the upper part of Frenchman Bay my whole life. As a kid, we used to go up with my father in the mouth of the Jordan River and catch flounder. Now, after constant pounding by dragging seed, there is no kelp left, no eel grass left, and very few lobsters or crabs left. Who knows what other ecosystems have been destroyed?  

Unlike scallop draggers, these mussel draggers go year-round, giving the bay no time to recover. If you were to fly over the upper bay, you would see the scars from the dragging.  

I have a boat at Hadley Point and lobster out of there in the summer. This dragging 

family has taken over the ramp there that we waited 50 years to get. Also, around the Hadley ramp at low tide, you can see the erosion on both sides of the ramp from the dragging family sitting there with boats in gear offloading the mussels.  

I think an environmental study of the impact and damage done by this one group should be done before they get another chunk of the bay to misuse.  

Oh, by the way, eel grass was partially restored at Hadley Point within the last 10 years but the force of the propellers holding the barge in place at the ramp must have been too much for the grass.  

I hope someone can look at this bigger story before we lose any more of the bay. 


Frank Gott 

Bar Harbor 

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