To the Editor: The whales are fine 

To the Editor: 

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) have been prioritizing commerce over the environment to the point of pushing the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale into extinction for the overstated profits from cruise ship passengers spending purported millions of dollars on souvenirs. 

They were letting an industry go that makes money overpowering nature while attacking an industry known for its no bycatch and excellent sustainable and conservation-minded practices for over 100 years.  

It was just recently discovered that NOAA, WHOI and the New England Aquarium whale research team along with Pew Trust have been basing their cry of extinction on a mathematical graphing error since 2010 that totally destroys their credibility. It’s beyond the pale that no one picked up on this mathematical mistake till now. Millions of dollars have been wasted chasing invisible dead whales. The graphed line on the birthrate graph looked like a mountain that peaked in 2010. NOAA erred by superimposing a birthrate graph on top of a graph numbered for population so as soon as the birthrate went from 39 to 20 in 2011, they read a population decrease. They did not even count the 20 recorded births or any of 139 births over the next seven years. Plus, they subtracted 10 additional whales every year resulting in over 200 dead whales. 

NOAA has calculated only 79 right whales to be alive by following a stupid 2010 graph error that when corrected dictates the population has exploded and only after a short lull in 2018 has ignited another baby boom in 2019 and this year it continues to explode with 18 births. Once again there have been no deaths in the GSL this year. There are near 722 North Atlantic right whales, according to facts. 

If you have internet access, please search and search Jim O’Connell on the opening page and you will find the archived full independent research on the right whale deaths.  

There is one more document I wrote that graphically explains NOAA’s graph error. 

Save the lobstermen. The whales are doing fine. 


Jim O’Connell 

Bar Harbor 

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