To the Editor: The true enemies in Frenchman Bay 

To the Editor: 

The enlivening qualities of the Downeast spirit are self-reliance, sheer determination, fortitude, grit and an abiding hope bordering on assuredness. This moment finds the Downeast spirit in a struggle for its very existence. 

The very notion of entertaining a fish farm, the kind of “thing” shunned above all else, betrays the severity of disease. I encourage all to take down their signs and sweep away the battle lines from the sand. Your neighbor is not the enemy. The folks from away are not the enemy and the folks from far, far away are not the enemy. Our enemies are hopelessness, helplessness and an overwhelming sense of “aloneness.” If we are to survive, not just as a people but a certain kind of people — capable people, strong people, kind people, gentle people — we need to ask our neighbor, “How may I help?” then listen with great intent and when alone consider our contribution to the crisis. 

The solutions to our problems — the dying of a way of being, a way of life — flow from within the communities around the bay. The solution is not the injection of foreign capital. It is the investment in our own home-grown human capital with a sense and sensibility of our past with an eye on an ever-growing harmonious future. Let not the dazzle of easy coin blind us to one another and the gifts, creativity, observations, deep feelings and capabilities all may bring to bear to solve this crisis. It is community we are losing and must reclaim. Gratitude to those proposing the project, for they have shone the light on the darkness revealing a dying body and thus catapulting us to wakefulness and into DEFCON 1. The bay is sacred. We all must shift our thinking, our perceptions, holding all tenderly and allowing for growth, whilst contemplating harmony. 

Laurie Plummer Simpson 

Sullivan and Woolwich 


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