To the Editor: The needs of the people 

To the Editor: 

As someone who provides mental health services in the state of Maine, I know that broadband access has been a crucial component of providing more individuals in Maine access to these services – even before the pandemic.  

The pandemic accentuated the need for highspeed internet for accessing a host of services in Maine and around the country. In 2019, responding to our need for greater broadband access, our state representative, Nicole Grohoski, helped advise, advocate and support the establishment of a Broadband Committee in Trenton to enhance broadband accessibility, affordability and reliability for our residents. 

Now I am able to provide services to more people in the state without having to commute an hour from my home.  

As Nicole Grohoski has been in the past in representing the towns of Trenton and Ellsworth, Nicole will be a powerful and consistent voice in addressing the needs of all Mainers to get the services they need and deserve as Senator Nicole Grohoski representing District 7.  


Starr C. Gilmartin 



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