To the Editor: The myth of the Trump base

To the Editor:

In the presidential election of 2020, a total of 72 million people voted the Republican ticket. Some believe that this number represents the Trump “base.” The pundits and talking heads bandy this number around as though it were reality. Not so. Many Republicans would vote GOP no matter who the candidate. In 2020, many held their noses as they cast their ballots. Deduct 25 million.

Then there are the “single-issue” voters: pro-life, pro-gun, religious rights and Zionist. These people voted their issue. Deduct 21 million. There is also the bloc of voters who believe the Democrats will lead the country down the road to socialism and beyond. They would not vote for the Democratic candidate if she were Mother Teresa. Deduct 14 million.

What is left is about 21 million. That may be an accurate number of the Trump “base” as of Election Day 2020.

Since that time, the number of Americans killed by the coronavirus is 506,000, and the economy has been in “shock” mode. Even many of Trump’s most ardent supporters have questioned his obvious mishandling of these tragedies. The base continues to shrink.

Under Trump’s administration, the “base” has watched in great disappointment as the GOP lost the House, the Senate and the White House. Also, it lost two critical Senate seats in the state of Georgia. Trump lobbied hard for the Republicans, to no avail.

Well, you may say, certainly Trump has expanded their tent and brought in new voters. Yes, he has, and we saw them in their enthusiastic attack on our Congress on Jan. 6. The responsible Reagan Republicans have fled Trumpism in great numbers. This leaves plenty of room for the “Trump Republicans,” including white supremacists, neo-Nazis, anti-American militias and QAnon believers.

Trump had early appeal to many fine Americans when he promised those adversely affected by globalism, technology and automation that he would somehow roll back the clock to simpler times. These people now see reality.

He will reign over his constantly diminishing base for as long as his poorly informed followers continue to send him money. But as far as his real influence over the Republican Party, that will exist only as long as his sycophants and cowardly congressional leaders allow him.

Will the party survive? As a citizen and a voter who values the concept of a strong two-party system, I hope so. A principled, truth-telling Republican Party embracing concepts such as smaller government, a balanced budget, a strong military and individual freedoms would be well received by reasonable Republicans.

President Biden is having success in combating the coronavirus. His relief bill should do a great deal in helping Americans in need. The economy is showing strong signs of recovery. It is time to cast off the dark shadow of Trumpism and move forward to a brighter tomorrow.

George Spoher Jr.


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