To the Editor: The absurdity of it 

To the Editor: 

On May 14, I had the good fortune to have attended a rally on Bar Harbor’s village green in support of Roe vs. Wade. The women attending were parents, professionals, married, single, students, aunts, nieces, grandparents, cousins and neighbors. The rally was strong and the speakers outstanding. Unfortunately, missing among the many attendees were men, despite the fact that several national polls indicate that a majority of Americans apparently support Roe vs. Wade. 

While I harbor my own somewhat mixed feelings about abortion, those feelings are, to me, pretty inconsequential given my take that women should absolutely have the right to control their own bodies. We, men, have the right to control our own bodies, yet women do not? Absurd. 

Dissenters, of course, can always disagree. 

Think about it for a moment. Despite the fact that women can and should have access to lives beyond motherhood, it is we – men – who continue to bear almost total responsibility for female success, or lack of it, in this society. Why? Because it is men who most often hold available positions of authority both in the working world and outside of it - the “old boy” network continues to thrive. 

Disturbingly we – men – bear nearly singular responsibility for the ever-rising specter of domestic abuse in the United States. It is not that women cannot also be abusive, but far, far, more often than not, we – men – are psychologically, emotionally, economically and physically abusive to women – sometimes all four at once. Worse, domestic abuse remains significantly under reported in these United States. Though women can abuse men, it is a rare event. Then, there are also men who have been termed “incels,” and who may actually self-identify as such, who believe that all women actually owe them sex. Finally, there is rape. Guess who bears responsibility for that? Right, it is men. 

Perhaps the disturbing answer to the lack of male presence at the rally is that we – men – do not really wish women to have control over their own bodies. Sad, because if men didn’t have control over our own bodies, it is far too easy to imagine the mayhem that would result.  


Lewis Redding 

Bar Harbor 


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