To the Editor: Test your speed 

To the Editor:  

Tired of complaining about your internet? It’s time to do something about it! The Maine Broadband Coalition, in partnership with AARP Maine and others, has launched the Get Up to Speed initiative to aid broadband expansion efforts in Maine. 

Did you know that Maine is ranked as the 43rd state in the U.S. for broadband access? Thousands of Mainers currently do not have access to high-speed internet and are left with little or no connection to family and friends. Just one reason why AARP Maine cares so much about this issue is because, in Maine, over 135,000 people 50-plus live alone and are already at a higher risk of experiencing social isolation. The pandemic has only magnified the need to expand high-speed internet access statewide. 

The Get Up to Speed initiative provides an opportunity for us to do something about this. We are seeking to map out what’s really happening in Maine in terms of internet speed. To this end, the coalition has launched a statewide, crowdsourced internet speed test. 

This summer, you voted for better internet in the July 14 Maine state primary by passing Question 1 to expand broadband access. Test your speed to help Maine take another step towards bridging the digital divide. Visit to get started and spread the word. The more tests that are completed, the more useful it will be for our efforts to expand high-speed internet access statewide. 

Pat Pinto 

AARP Maine volunteer state president 


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