To the Editor: Survey says 

To the Editor: 

Dear Town Council,  

Only 3.1 percent had positive comments about cruise ships as stated on page 47 of the town website report, and then pages 116-326 show 210 pages containing thousands of negative comments, along with the 3.1 percent of the positive comments, which have little depth of reasoning while a lot of the negative comments are well thought out. 

Even though the survey gives the business owners a lot of attention, they only amounted to 11.4 percent of the people who filled out the survey. And with only 3.1 percent of people bothering to comment positively, it looks like even the businesspeople don’t care much for them. With 1,378 respondents, 3.1 percent is a mere 41 people. There is basically no desire for the citizens to negotiate with CLIA. Our decision has been aired. The vast majority see cruise ships as a negative in one way or another. Ban them for crying out loud. We have lived with their omnipresence for 40 years. We should immediately stop booking them and let them know we are closed to all but a few small American Cruise Line ships. Starting NOW. They can’t even guarantee us they will arrive on any day in the future. We have no written contract with these guys. 

It’s up to you guys to write the ordinance that controls these pirates. If it isn’t you than there will be us older, dedicated citizens trudging through 4 feet of snow collecting signatures. 

Do it NOW. We have a Paradise Hill Marina to build. It will make money. The convenience of having a free shuttle would mean access to the excellent variety of restaurants and stores in Bar Harbor. It would be a very attractive marina up and running. 

Jim O’Connell 

Bar Harbor 

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