To the Editor: Successful formula 

To the Editor: 

It is vitally important that all of us here on Mount Desert Island continue to follow the successful formula that has kept our community relatively safe over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic: wear a mask, wash our hands and watch our distance. By following these basic guidelines, our businesses have largely been able to remain open and our schools have been able to get onto a regular schedule. These two outcomes are closely tied to one another. 

By keeping our schools open and on a regular schedule, parents can plan their work schedules and keep our businesses open and adequately staffed. If we let our guard down and school schedules become disrupted, our entire community will suffer in turn, including businesses. 

Soon we will all have access to vaccinations, and, in time, we can change our behavior back to “normal.” For the next few months, let’s all do our part and make sure our schools stay open through the end of this school year. When you visit a store or restaurant, please wear your mask as requested and keep the proper distance from those not in your household. Business owners, please continue having your customers follow these measures as well. Together, we can all keep our community safe. 


Alf Anderson 

Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce 


Micki Sumpter 

Mount Desert Chamber of Commerce 

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